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Click for practical maps
Click for practical maps

Main locations and roads
Streets and quarters in Palmas have no names but numbers, similar to Brasilia.
Ask at your hotel for the “Plano Diretor”, which is the Palmas city map.

You will find a few maps in this site that will give you an idea of the roads in the city and interstate Tocantins.

See some pictures of Palmas and Tocantins
Pictures of Palmas and Tocantins
First impressions of Palmas
The city is growing and changing so fast that every picture taken represents merely one moment in Palmas past.
All photos will express the same feeling (and likewise, your first impression at visiting) Palmas is a
fantastic promise.
Adventures in Tocantins
Adventures in the state of Tocantins
Tocantins certainly has some breathtaking attractions to excite the most adventurous tourists. Be prepared for adventure when you discover the hidden attractions in this state. Also be prepared for a bit of work that may be necessary to find and organize guides, maps and other help. 
Read more about the sand beaches at the rivers, the Jalapão desert region and Bananal, the largest river-island in the world.
Addresses and Tips  
Practical information for travellers to Palmas Tocantins
Your first visit
This site is just to give some information and encouragement, to help those who have not yet been in Palmas or Tocantins, but are on their way over.
For other specific information you’re welcome to e-mail us.
Click on the signpost for detailed information about restaurants, hotels, etc.

Click here for the Restaurant Review of Palmas

State activities
Projects and plans for the future of Palmas and Tocantins
Large scale projects

Tocantins has a very hard working government, considering that the state has only 1 million inhabitants and has started many large futuristic projects, all at the same time.

One of the biggest projects is the Lajeado dam. Along the 200km of the lake, there will be created the biggest artificial beach in the world. 
It is called: “Plan Orla”.
Meanwhile a bridge spanning the lake has just been build.

The government realizes that it has a unique opportunity, to create from scratch, a city and a state, that integrates the most modern and progressive ideas, learning and adapting ideas from planners and constructors from all over the world.   


History of Palmas and Tocantins  
History of Palmas and Tocantins
More future than history
The history of the state seems to have started in 1625 when Jesuit missionaries settled at the Tocantins River. Actually, archaeologists have found proof that Indian tribes lived on the Tocantins River for at least some thousands of years.

The future promises to be much more impressive than the past, just looking at the projects being carried out, will tell you that.  
The population growth rate of Palmas is the highest of the country. 

As a source of state income the government is seeking more agricultural and industrial investors. Foreign investments are encouraged, because this generates the principal key in the velocity of economic growth.


Palmas in the centre of Brasil

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Indian art

Six indian tribes
See this special about the original inhabitants of Tocantins.

Towns in Tocantins

Towns of Tocantins
See how the towns of Tocantins followed closely the economic development of the state.



Handicraft from Tocantins, especially Capim Dourado, has become very popular.

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