Palmas Tocantins

The center of Brazil and a center for entrepreneurs and ecotourists.

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We are often requested for addresses and prices of handicraft. We recommend that you contact the Secretaria da Cultura at Palmas. 

Compras e informações sobre artesanato do Tocantins: 
Secretaria da Cultura, tel. (0633) 2181466.

Three organizations are trying to support and bring structure to the production and marketing of handicraft in Tocantins: 
-Fundação Cultural
-Secretaria de Cultura do Tocantins
-Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas (Sebrae)

Several local associations can be contacted: Araguatins, Araguaína, Gurupi, Guaraí, Itacajá, Palmas, Porto Nacional, Natividade and others. Below a list of contacts.
For a complete list, check

Every October the Feira de Artesanato do Estado (Fecoart) is held in Palmas. This event combines folklore, handicraft and typical dishes.

The artesanato in Tocantins is clearly influenced by the original indian culture. Styles and techniques are learned from Indians. Very typical is the use of fibers, like buriti and capim dourado.

At Chapada da Natividade and Príncipe you can visit gold mines at work. The ´garimpos´ work at a depth of 50 to 60 meters. The earth is brought to the surface and filtered with water. Some gold dust remains. After purifying the gold with mercury, the gold is used to prepare jewels. The studios can be visited and you can buy various rings, broches, necklaces and objects.
Textile painting and bordering
Visit a local and weekly Feira (market) to find various handmade cloths. 
Picture: Dona Julia, Dilza and Belinha at Natividade.

Palha de Babaçu
Picture: Desfile de artesanato 2002
Palha de Babaçu from Taquarussu
With Capim Dourado
Ass. dos Art. Dianópolis

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Madeira marchetada
Indian art
You can find Indian handicraft in the shops called Casa de Artesanato. But when you travel in the neighborhood of Indian reservations, you will meet Indians and they will offer you necklaces, hairclips and other products made of Capim Dourado, Buriti, dried berries and other materials found in nature.

You will notice that it must have taken much time to make these products, while these are offered for several real.

If you decide to visit the reservations, please be accompanied by a guide or an official.



Associação de Artesãos Dianópolis 3621363 Wood
Associação de Artesãos Gurupi 99967256 Wood
Associação de Artesãos Araguecema 4721406 Wood
Associação de Artesãos Colinas 99754911 Wood
Associação Comunitária Itaguatins 4771132 Wood
Artesão Sandoval Palmas 2243876 Wood
Artesão João Paulo Gurupi 99967256 Wood
Artesão Josias de Souza Gurupi 3120189 Wood
Artesão Milton Frazzato Taguaruçu 5541145 Wood
Associação de Artesãos Porto Nacional 3635680 Ceramics, Textiles
Associação de Artesãos Arraias 6531451 Ceramics,
Associação de Artesãos Dianópolis 6921746 Ceramics, Capim Dourado
Artesã Dona Ilda Pindorama 3751106 Ceramics,
Associação de Artesãos Peixe 3561563 Buriti, Textiles
Associação de Artesãos Taguaruçu 5541438 Palha de Babaçu
Associação de Artesãos Prata / Ponte Alta 5341035 Capim Dourado
Associação de Artesãos Mateiros 5341035 Capim Dourado
Associação de Artesãos Natividade 3721201 Juwels
Casa de Artesãos Araguaina 2171995 Textiles
Grupo de Artesãos Cristalândia 3541302 Chrystal
Artesão Geremias Cristalândia 3541710 Chrystal
Associação de Artesãos Pium 3682808 Chrystal