Palmas Tocantins

The center of Brazil and a center for entrepreneurs and ecotourists.

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Enter this bar to grasp Brazilian food and drinks. 
A culinary tour with 1001 links.

Restaurant Review

Restaurants in Palmas 

We selected the restaurants with the best quality/price ratio.
For explanation of our classification, click here.
Quality   =Price   =Ambiance

=Terrace   =Airco   =Dinner

Adelaide Bistrô    
Lunch and dinner restaurant à la carte. This place is difficult to find, as it is in the garden of a villa. Ideal place for a quiet meeting with friends or for business. Varied menu and international food. Good wines and cigars.
Quadra 110 Sul. Phone 9214 0792
, ,

Alquimía Scot Bar    
Dinner restaurant specialized in fish. Delicious Moqueca with shrimps (recommended). Choose to sit inside or on the terrace. 
Avenida Teotônio Segurado.


Buffet and grill restaurant for lunch only. Indoor, airconditioned. Fine decor and clean
. Simple desserts buffet.
Quadra 104 Sul
, ,

Don Vergílio    
Large buffet plus grill restaurant for lunch and pizza restaurant for dinner. The lunch is a classic grill with buffet. Large desserts buffet (recommended). Price is 25 reais per kilo. At night the restaurant changes into a pizzeria. Specialties are pizza Stogonoff and pizza Carne do Sol. They serve 6 types of sweet pizza. Standard wine assortment.
Professional ambiance. Airconditioning. No terrace.
Avenida JK (west side), Lunch Mon-Sat 11:00-14:30, Dinner Tue-Sun 18:00-24:00 Phone 32121400

, -,

Cabana do Lago    
Lunch and dinner restaurant.
Quadra 103 sul
Phone 3215-4989.
, -,

Fogão a Lenha    
Lunch restaurant with buffet and grill.
Opened on working days.
Avenida Teutônio Segurado
, ,

Buffet and grill restaurant. Cosy and beautiful ambiance under a veranda or inside with airconditioning. Feijoada on wednesdays and saturdays. Standard wine assortment. 
Quadra 103 Norte, LO 4 nº 108 (near Hotel Castelo), Lunch Tue-Sun 11:30-14:30, Phone 32121255
, ,

Bar-restaurant with terrace in front and in rear garden.
Quadra 204 sul, Alameda 9, Lote 12, Phone 3224-3520


Bar restaurant also serving dinner. Great ambiance on a small hilltop. Terrace in a lightened garden. Airconditioned and decorated interior.
Avenida LO 9, next to the Petrobras petrol station Posto Verão, Sun-Sat 18:30-24:00, Phone 32145036
, ,

Muralha Chinesa    
Lunch and dinner restaurant with buffet. Some dishes have chinese influences.
Avenida Teotônio Segurado. Phone 3215 2552.
, -,

Nelson Churrascaria    
Lunch restaurant with rodizio option. Lunch only. Buffet is large and costs 25 reais per kilo, including grill (recommended). No à la carte menu. Standard wine assortment. Canteen-like ambiance with airconditioning. No terrace.
Avenida Teut
ônio Segurado
, ,

Bar-restaurant for dinner. Terrace.
Soups and skewers only (recommended).
Feijoada on Saturday afternoon.
Mon-Sat 18:00-24:00
Quadra 1104 sul, Alameda 5, Lote 1 (map)

, ,

Pizzaria Oásis    
Pizza restaurant for dinner. Choose to sit inside or on the large terrace.
Standard wine assortment.
Quadra 103 sul SO03, Lt.19. Phone 3215 1219.
, ,

Paço do pão    
Pizza restaurant
for dinner. Specialties are pizza with Bacalhau and pizza with Camarão. Also serving Calzones and sweet pizzas. Standard wine assortment. Terrace.
Avenida JK (west side), Lunch Mon-Sat 11:00-14:30, Dinner Every day 18:30-24:00 Phone 321
5 5665

Palazzo / Pousada dos Girassois      
Hotel restaurant with open kitchen. Buffet with apetizers, salads and desserts (recommended). A la carte. At the open kitchen you can select ingredients from a buffet, for the cook to stir fry. Standard wine assortment.
Airconditioned. No terrace.
Avenida NS 01, Sun-Sat 11:00-24:00, Phone 3216
, ,

Portal do Sul    
Lunch restaurant with rodizio. Buffet is large with 30 salads and 14 hot dishes.
Specialties are Javali (small pig), Carneiro (sheep), Carne do Sol from the grill and Arroz com peque.
No à la carte menu. Serving fish on request. Standard wine assortment. Canteen-like ambiance with airconditioning. No terrace.
Avenida Teut
ônio Segurado (north side), Every day 11:30-15:00, Phone 3225 8744
, ,


Dinner restaurant specialized in fish. Choose to sit inside or on the terrace. Lunch on sundays.
Avenida Teotônio Segurado,  Phone 3215 1850.

Trattoria Toscana        
Bar-restaurant for dinner.
Quadra 104 sul, NS04, Phone 3215 2795.
, ,

Victória Hotel      
Varied buffet with grill and fish for lunch and a la carte for dinner.
JK west side (exit to Paraíso)
Opened all days.

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We rank the restaurants based on various qualities of their dishes: creativity, taste, presentation, freshness, quality of ingredients and preparation.

Quick meal 
Very good

The price is the average price for a main course per person. Often the menu shows dishes that will do for two or three people. If so, we take half of the price.

Up to 10 reais 
10-20 reais
20-30 reais
30-40 reais 
more than 40 reais

Here we look at the presentation of the food, the wine list, the completeness of the menu, the décor, the ambiance and the service.

High class


Palmas has a perfect climate during the evening and night. Temperatures rarely go under 25°C. And it is likely that you will see a beautiful starry sky.

Some restaurants offer an airconditioned area or are completely aircondioned. No smoking.





Palmas in the centre of Brasil

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